Kerr County Roofing and Remodeling

“We Top-em All”


3292 Junction Hwy.
Ingram, Texas  78025


Many clients are referred to us by another satisfied client. Recommendations have

allowed us to build a business family unique in terms of character, responsibility

and awareness. So if you have friends or relatives who would be interested

in our services, just use the form below to let us know who they are.

We’re sure they would appreciate your recommendation and so would we.

Thies, Elizabeth          514 Mt Dr.          Kerrville

Rodriguez          505 Rees          Kerrville

Stini, Randy          409 Ruth St.          Kerrville

Sherman, Raymond          956 Jefferson          Kerrville

Sooter, Leroy          1406 Harper Rd.          Kerrville

Sargerit, Kyle          417 Llyod          Kerrville

Rogers, Jerry          1407 Lucky Rdg.          Kerrville

Reider, Ronald          103 Timberway          Kerrville

Peter, Todd          952 Jefferson          Kerrville

Peschell, Joe          480 Spur 100          Kerrville

Pashal, Dorothy          629 Louis          Kerrville

Otka, Thomas          103 Pecan Way          Kerrville

O’Bryant, Wayne          300 Junction Hwy.          Kerrville

Nilsson, Glen          522 Chestnut Oak          Ingram

Murphy, Norma          303 Ranchero Rd.          Kerrville

Metting, Mark          1212 E. Main          Kerrville

Moore, Clarence          146 Ford St.           Kerrville

Montague, Mary          513 Harper St.          Kerrville

Miksch, Frank          301 MacHolloman          Kerrville

Massy, Merle          1232 Victory Ln.          Kerrville

Frautschi, Brenda          765 W. Main          Kerrville

Wronsford, Evan          101 WildTimber          Kerrville

Dexter, Rex          306 Live Oak          Kerrville

Darland, Carol          812 Llyod          Kerrville

Darcy, Pat          130 Willow Way          Kerrville

Davis, George          403 Mack Holliman          Kerrville

Cripps, Bruce          Singing Wind Dr.          Kerrville

Crosby, Russell          104 Indian Hills          Kerrville

Faye, Carroll          115 Rancho Oaks          Kerrville

Campbell, Charles          609 Timber Way          Kerrville

Browning, B.B.          1206 Hilltop          Kerrville

Bradford, Wade          127 Elm Way          Kerrville

Clemente, Alvardo          1905 Sky Blue Dr.          Kerrville

Altgelt, Janie          1412 Clairmont Ln.           Kerrville

Abbot, Sarah          102 Bailey Jo Dr.           Kerrville

Blankenship, Don          250 Wharton Rd.          Kerrville

Hill Country Pediatrics          Mc Farland          Kerrville

Archer          520 Overhill          Kerrville

Casillas, Gloria          1712 First St.          Kerrville

Shanks, James          145 Terra Vista          Kerrville

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