Kerr County Roofing and Remodeling

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3292 Junction Hwy.
Ingram, Texas  78025


Many clients are referred to us by another satisfied client. Recommendations have

allowed us to build a business family unique in terms of character, responsibility

and awareness. So if you have friends or relatives who would be interested

in our services, just use the form below to let us know who they are.

We’re sure they would appreciate your recommendation and so would we.

Mcclure, Joyce          2223 San Jacinto          Kerrville

Maxwell, Joe          436 Valley Dr.          Kerrville

Marino, Louis          118 Creekside          Kerrville

Loswy, Lee          115 Sleepy Mountain          Kerrville

Locaste, Carolyn          1810 Leslie Dr.           Kerrville

Leother, Ken          160 Doris          Kerrville

Lewis, Damon          1204 Warbler          Kerrville

Lewis, Alan          150 Wood Trail          Kerrville

Levison, Ann          183 Palo Duro Circle          Ingram

Lemond, Isabell          1213 Hwy 27          Kerrville

Lazans, Hector          124 Palo Verde          Kerrville

Lara          523 Reese          Kerrville

Laib, Anna          819 Llyod Dr.          Kerrville

Lackey, Steve          1901 Singing Wind          Kerrville

Kotson, Pamela          155 Valley View          Kerrville

Kohl, Ronald          128 Palo Verde          Kerrville

Klein, Gil          114 Contour          Kerrville

Kinler, G          314 Crestwood          Kerrville

King, Snyder          157 Jefferson          Kerrville

King, James          1521 E. Jefferson          Kerrville

Kile, W.M.          236 Crestwood Dr.          Kerrville

Kenyon, Warren          1613 Jefferson          Kerrville

Jones, Lois          101 Summer Loop          Kerrville

Johnson, Susan          203 Medio Vista          Kerrville

Larimer, Dorothy          541 Overhill Dr.           Kerrville

Kolb, Alva          305 Crestwood          Kerrville

Jones, Richard          703 Cardinal          Kerrville

Jenschke, John          803 Llyod Dr.          Kerrville

Jarel, Mark          139 Hilltop          Kerrville

Huth, Walter          1405 Lucky Ridge          Kerrville

Huff, Less          320 W. Main          Kerrville

Hoffman, Francis          405 Westminister          Kerrville

Harris, Robert          811 Llyod          Kerrville

Hall, Jeanette          325 Booster          Kerrville

Grahm, Ron          111 Diamond Two          Kerrville

Wright, Dawn          339 Madrona          Kerrville

William, Ken          141 Sunhaven          Kerrville

Winerighter, Terry          108 Denise Dr.          Kerrville

Walter, Edward          820 Laura Bell          Kerrville

Tuck, Kelli          313 Medrona          Kerrville

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